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Brazil Alessandro Hervas Lot#4

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ORIGIN: Brazil

REGION: Mantiqueira de Minas - MG

VARIETAL: Yellow Catuai


Velvety mouthfeel with good acidity and  sweetness. Nice finish, delicate and long aftertaste.

Whatever the brew method, we know you will enjoy this coffee. We would love to know what you think so feel free to share your thoughts with us.

About Alessandro Hervas

Since 1993 I have been learning and working in coffee plantation and started at my father’s property in São Gonçalo do Sapucaí. Today I have two small properties and I leasehold three other properties adding up to a total of 20 hectares of coffee plantation managed in a family agricultural business model.

As part of the APAS (Producer’s Association of Alto da Serra), I work along with many other producers focused on specialty and together we pursue to increase the quality of the natural process coffees.

The process of depulping and drying coffee on concrete suspended covered patios started in 2013 and the region we are located is increasingly becoming known for the production of specialty coffees. It’s been a while since we started the selective picking of ripe cherries only. At the beginning it sounded impossible and there was a lot of discouragement by all. But gratefully, after all the hard work, the quality of the beans surprised us reaching high scores and flavours that we never thought possible. The selective picking definitely brought our coffees to the next level and we are continuously working to increase quality and expand to new horizons