Allies Blend
Allies Donation goes towards new tools for the farm in Brazil

Allies Blend

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ORIGIN: Brazil & Colombia

PROCESSING: Natural & Washed

ROAST DEGREE: Light - Medium


$1 from every bag sold goes back to the community.

The Allies blend brings together to brilliant coffees from Brazil and Colombia into a harmonious blend, great for both espresso and filter coffee.

Allies is about the relationships we have with our community. We want to be able to ensure the future livelihoods of families all around us. From the farmers who grow our coffees to the communities our coffees are served to, Allies is about giving back.

Established in 2007, Merito Coffee Roasters has decided from 2020 we are launching Allies as our direction for the future. Allies embraces what we are about as a company and as people - allies to our community.

<--  Here is producer Hélio Nunez from Brazil showing one of the latest tools to be purchased from our Allies Blend donation.

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