Colombia Popayan

Colombia Popayan

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ORIGIN: Colombia

VARIETAL: Caturra & Typica



This Colombian is balanced, sweet and an all-round exceptional coffee. The rich, stone fruit sweetness offers a delicious jam like quality and is definitely the highlight of this coffee, with more subtle cacao notes rounding out the cup. This Popayan regional lot is made up of 8 small producers who harvest between May and July each year. At an altitude of 1700-1800 MASL and amazingly fertile soils provide perfect growing conditions for this coffee, it is no wonder why it’s a crowd favorite.

The jammy, sweet, fruity notes of this Colombian will makes it a perfect gift for any coffee lovers in your life. This is a team favorite for our batch brew, but whatever the brew method, we know you will enjoy this coffee – and as a New Zealand coffee roaster who pride ourselves on roasting and supplying coffee that people enjoy, we would love to know your thoughts.