Burundi Businde

Burundi Businde

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ORIGIN: Burundi

VARIETAL: Red Bourbon


ROAST DEGREE: Light-Medium

This Burundi sings flavour, with classic cherry and cola notes leading to a unique but delicious cup of coffee. Bright acidity leads, followed by a smooth soft body and subtle cocoa flavours lingering. Burundi is a specialty-coffee origin to watch! Historically, as a much smaller producer in comparison to other African countries such as Ethiopia and Kenya, coffee from Burundi is much less common. But more recent years have seen lots of work being done to improve coffee quality and as a result, we are able to enjoy spectacular coffees such as this one.

This coffee will make a perfect gift for any coffee lovers in your life. We have been enjoying ours through the Aeropress, but whatever the brew method, we know you will enjoy this coffee – and as a New Zealand coffee roaster who pride ourselves on roasting and supplying coffee that people enjoy, we would love to know your thoughts.