AeroPress Coffee Brewer

AeroPress Coffee Brewer

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The AeroPress is a nifty, easily portable device for brewing great coffee

Invented in 2005 by Alan Adler. Coffee is steeped with boiling when forced through a paper filter by pressing the plunger through the tube.

Great for home or taking on the road. Imagine yourself travelling horse-back through the back country of New Zealand, getting to the peak of the endearing mountain range, pausing to appreciate the view, all the while brewing yourself a tasty filter coffee to reward yourself for the journey.

Add to the enjoyment

Jump over to our single origin section to view some of the tasty coffees suited to the filter method, whether it be apricot or lychee, mandarin or melon, we have some special little numbers for you to enjoy.

If you want more info on how best to use this then drop us a line.