The Coffee Cheat Sheet

We have all done it, ordered a coffee only to then be given something completely different to what we thought we ordered. But you are not the first, and you certainly won’t be the last person to walk into a coffee shop and be confused by the huge array of options. So we have put together a little cheat sheet for you, so the next time you order your coffee, you know exactly what to expect.


Short Black

This coffee is for the purists. It is simply a double-shot of espresso (around 40-50ml) served in a vessel of the coffee shops choosing, although you can expect something quite small. This coffee doesn’t mess around with milk or any extra water, and is the foundation of every other coffee on this list.


Short Macchiato

Think everything I just described above except with an extra little dollop of milk foam on top. Not poured into the espresso, but just enough foam to sip the espresso through and mellow out some of the harsher flavors associated with espresso coffee.


Long Black

This is a double-shot of espresso extracted over around 100ml of hot water. Served in a similar sized cup to a flat white and if your having in, extra hot water is usually served on the side. Think black coffee in a small cup.


Long Macchiato

Think everything I just described about a Long Black except with an extra little dollop of milk foam on top. Like a Short Macchiato but longer.



This is where things can get confused, as traditionally an Americano and Long Black are the same thing. But more recently this has changed, and an Americano has become a more diluted version of a Long Black. Rather than 100ml, for an Americano a double-shot of espresso is extracted over 200-250ml of hot water. Think black coffee in a large cup.



Made using a single-shot of espresso and around 40ml of steamed milk. Think miniature Flat White, although a Piccolo was around beforehand so, I guess a Flat White should be considered a slightly bigger Piccolo.


Flat White

This is the brain child of Australasia. Made with a double-shot of espresso and around 180ml of steamed milk. It’s smaller than a Latte but with less foam than a Cappuccino, and no chocolate. The most popular coffee ordered here in New Zealand.



Think equal parts espresso, steamed milk and foam. Similar to a Flat White except the key difference is the increased amount of foam. Traditionally Cappuccinos are served without chocolate on top, although now it’s become an industry standard. But just something to be aware of in case your ordering coffee from somewhere which keeps up traditions.



This is a double shot of espresso with steamed milk added to create a more mellow but sweeter flavor, very similar to a Flat White except larger in size. So if you order a large Flat White, what your basically getting is just a Latte.



The ultimate coffee for that person with a sweet tooth. Made with chocolate syrup, a double-shot of espresso, steamed milk and foam. Generally the same size as a Latte, this is essentially a Hot Chocolate with a caffeine boost.