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The Downfalls of Supermarket Coffee

I just want to preface this post by saying that there are always exceptions to the rules, but in this instance the exceptions seem to be few and far between. The reason why I am writing this is not simply too bad mouth supermarket coffee, but rather to highlight some of the reasons why so many of you have been disappointed by the coffee your brewing at home.   Supermarket coffee rarely delivers on the promise of a good cup of coffee, in short this is because it’s unlikely fresh and almost certainly over-roasted.   Once roasted coffee has around three weeks before it starts to decline in quality, and as it gets older every cup starts to taste a...

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The Coffee Cheat Sheet

We have all done it, ordered a coffee only to then be given something completely different to what we thought we ordered. But you are not the first, and you certainly won’t be the last person to walk into a coffee shop and be confused by the huge array of options. So we have put together a little cheat sheet for you, so the next time you order your coffee, you know exactly what to expect.   Short Black This coffee is for the purists. It is simply a double-shot of espresso (around 40-50ml) served in a vessel of the coffee shops choosing, although you can expect something quite small. This coffee doesn’t mess around with milk or any extra...

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Three Tips for Brewing Better Plunger Coffee

The Plunger is a simple home-brewing device that is also known as a French Press. It is popular all over the world as it allows anyone to brew delicious fresh coffee with ease and is incredibly simple to use.  It is relatively cheap and requires little other equipment which means many prefer it over other more complicated brewing equipment.   It is an infusion based brewer, which simply put means that the coffee and water steep together. This is different to the majority of other brew methods such as Chemex, V60, where water will pass through the coffee grounds. The other major difference is rather than using a paper filter, a Plunger has a metal mesh which is used to...

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